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Hale Low Road, Hale

Full Dormer loft conversion.

We have recently been involved in an exciting project in Hale to develop a full dormer loft conversion.

This proved to be an interesting logistical challenge as the family were to remain living in the property, whilst we conducted what was quite a major restructuring of their property.

The intention was to maximise the height available in the extension and as a result, initially a new floor was fitted lower than the existing ceilings.  To minimize the disruption to the family we started in the spare bed room and landing area forming the new floors and plaster boarding. This area was taped and sealed to prevent debris and dust from the loft works entering the rest of the house. We then began a process of moving the family around each room until all the new floors and ceilings were completed.

Once completely sealed below, we could then access the roof to start the loft conversion with a full scaffold build around the property.

We removed the existing hipped roof, the roof tiles and ceiling joists together with lath & plaster working from above with the minimal disruption to the family living below. We managed to ensure there was no waste, dust or water ingress from rain during the whole project.

We built a full dormer extension across the back of the house incorporating new roof timbers to the front and built a gable wall.

Once the main shell was complete, we were able to get the flat roof covered and the roof re-tiled and were able to start work on the internal works.

The extension was fully wired for electrics including LED spot lights in the bedroom, bathroom and in the landing areas.

The central heating was extended into the new rooms and plumbing was created for the new bathroom.

Once all these works had been completed, we were then able to re-enter the existing property and fit a kite winder staircase to the lower level.

We then plastered the loft, new stairwell and ceilings to all areas.

The en-suite bathroom was fitted out with walk in shower, rain head shower, toilet, wall hung basin and vanity unit. Full height ceramic wall tiling to all walls was installed.

The extension has made a huge difference to the accommodation available in the house and the client was not only delighted with the final job but also grateful that we were able to do it without too much disruption to family life.

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